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We create quieter, spectacular work spaces with eco-friendly acoustical panels. 

Local manufacturer in Singapore.

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About Us

At SV Bros Pte Ltd, we work with the same passion today as when we started our business in 2012.


Developing from our original business of custom white board manufacturer, we have progressed to:

  • custom acoustic panels and baffle ceilings;

  • 3-dimensional acoustic art designs; and 

  • modern glass white boards

  • professional acoustics consultants, from conceptualisation to specialised laboratory testing in Singapore of sound transmission coefficient tests and commissioning.

SV Bros Pte Ltd has worked on numerous high profile commercial and residential projects.  The materials used for our acoustic designs are eco-friendly and accredited as Singapore Green Building Product - Good. Our success comes from Quality, Reliability and Innovation. 

Contact us to discuss your project. We make your creative vision a reality.

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Specialists in Architectural Acoustics 

Architectural acoustics is both an art and a science.  

At SV Bros Pte Ltd, we are specialists in advanced acoustic technologies. Our team of professionals include Acoustic Engineers who understand the science of sound propagation and are experienced in helping our clients address their diverse range of acoustic needs for a successful working, learning, or living environment.

We guide the project from conception and planning through to design, construction, laboratory testing and commissioning.

We also provide professional acoustic testing services of products, conducted in Singapore laboratory, with Sound Transmission Class (STC) testing, Noise Criteria (NC) testing and Reverberation Time (RT) testing. Our standard of testing is very high and conducted in anechoic chamber built by NoiseStop Singapore.

Where on-site pre-completion testing is required, we also conduct Boundary Noise Testing in compliance with National Enviromental Agency (NEA) guidelines as this enables our clients to minimise their risk, enhance their reputation in the marketplace and save considerable amounts of money.


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Enviromental Acoustics

Architectural Acoustics

Acoustics Testing

More about our Product

At SV Bros Pte Ltd, our Zenvo acoustic panels are aesthetically pleasant, with excellent acoustic properties and at mass market, affordable prices.


We do not compromise on quality. 













NRC is a measure of a material’s ability to reflect or absorb sound through its effectiveness in a consistent square footage of absorption. NRC ratings range from 0 to 1. There are three aspects to consider : 

1.    The NRC rating of the product itself.  

2.   The NRC may vary with the installation itself.

  • Our acousticians will provide personalised recommendations for your project.

3.   Engage specialised acoustic testing services by our Acoustic Engineers to confirm the results.

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Product Specifications of our Zenvo acoustic panels :

  • Excellent acoustic properties, with NRC :

    • 0.4 (no gap);

    • 0.6 (20mm gap); and

    • 0.8 (50mm gap)

  • Made of high density 100% polyester fibre (60% recycled materials)

  • Awarded "Singapore Green Building Product Certification - Good" in March 2021

  • Certified for low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

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Our clients include established interior design firms and architects, global Banks, multinational corporations, schools and homes.  

Watch our video : 

Ready Stocks of Colours Available :

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